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Moshi Moshi Records and The Wave Pictures are proud to announce the release of Beer In The Breakers, out April 19th 2011. True to their lo-fi aesthetic the band recorded the album live to tape in one day at friend and frequent collaborator Darren Hayman’s (of British band Hefner) house in Walthamstow, England.

The British trio made their North American debut last year with the release of the double album Instant Coffee Baby and If You Leave It Alone. Already sporting a decades long history in the UK and Europe that spanned well over 30 releases, Time Out New York noted that it was “unlikely to encounter any band at such a late hour – particularly one as engaging as The Wave Pictures.” They won praise from the Village Voice for their “bass inflected songs that drunkenly two-step all over their Wilde-ina social critiques.” Pitchfork were charmed by the “keenly observed domestic tableaus, uniquely English perspectives on hubris and buffoonery, and ample insta-quotes.” And the band continued to win converts at SXSW where they were listed by Spin as a “Must Here Band” and Andy Langer of Esquire declared lead singer David Tattersall “the best guitar player I’ve seen all week, hands down.”

With the new release and tour dates being scheduled for later in the year, The Wave Pictures are eager to continue their foray onto North American soil. The songs featured on Beer In The Breakers embrace Tattersall’s love of E Minor (“Now Your Smile Comes Over In Your Face” and “Beer In The Breakers”), bass player Franic’s favorite clothing brand (“Blue Harbour” – a tale of love in Coney Island), and are inspired by band favorites like Otis Rush (“Blink Back A Tear”). The album also includes re-workings of songs written in Tattersall’s youth (“China Whale Brand” and (“In Her Kitchen”). The first single from the album (“Little Surprise”), is a track whose upbeat melody belies its dark, poignant lyrics.

Further Praise for The Wave Pictures

“Lyrically, The Wave Pictures turn on a dime. They can zip from the richly observed into amusingly confessional into a Lewis Carol flight of fancy.” 8/10 NME

“The Wave Pictures are currently conjuring the most gleeful, magnificent pop in town.” – THE GUARDIAN

“At their helm The Wave Pictures have a writer who captures expertly the bitter romance of British life.” -TIME OUT LONDON

“They’re making quintessential, embrace-able indie, and their ‘everything is essential’ streak continues.” – 8/10 ROCKSOUND

Watch the video for “I Love You Like A Madman”

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