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Bikini Re-Releases RIPJDS EP on Vinyl with Remixes feat. Houses, CFCF, Teen Daze and more

Bikini Re-Releases RIPJDS EP on Vinyl with Remixes feat. Houses, CFCF, Teen Daze and more

Prepares for Tour + SXSW Dates

“Bikini’s unusual collaborative style leads to terrific electro-pop”- NPR

“Bikini’s sound is an awesome plea to the few parts of the current music zeitgeist to have a baby and just be one.” – RCRDLBL

“Bikini are one of my favorite new electronic artists this year. Dance music fans, definitely keep your eye on them.” – Prefix Mag

Download the Win Win Remix of “American Mourning

Brooklyn-based duo Bikini are releasing a remix edition for their EP RIPJDS on April 5th via India Trading Company. The remix album takes form in a limited 12″ vinyl & digital download and will feature Win Win, CFCF, Teen Daze, Dreamboat and Houses. In the support of the EP, Bikini will hit the road making several appearances at SXSW 2011.

Bikini (aka Nigel Diamond and Olivier Olivier) exhibit a unique way of creating music together. They have never even recorded an album in the same city. Olivier records vocals, and sends all his drafts without titles or form to Diamond. Diamond then arranges Olivier’s melodies, and vocal treatments, later adding his own lines. Thankfully Bikini does play music together live, as they will be performing across the week at SXSW!

Bikini Tour Dates + SXSW

Fri. 3/11 – Philadelphia, PA – Voyeur
Wed. 3/16 – SXSW (8pm) ND at 501 Studios @ 8pm
Thurs. 3/17 – SXSW (2pm) Urban Outfitters Showcase / Windish Presents
Thurs. 3/17 – SXSW (5pm) Headhunters Back Patio / Mint Records + Olio Party
Thurs. 3/17 – SXSW (8:30pm) Austin Museum of Art
Fri. 3/18 – SXSW (7pm) Making Time / Shangri-La w/Dave P
Sat. 3/19 – SXSW (6pm) Space 12 / Parafora Presents
Sat. 4/2 – Brooklyn, NY – FIXED @ Glassland

RIPJDS Remix Tracklisting

A1 (((()))) Diamond’s Departure
A2 American Mourning
A3 Palm-Aire
A4 ACheerlaeder
A5 R.I.P.
A6 Untitled (Bonus Track)

B1 (((()))) Diamond’s Departure (Houses Remix)
B2 American Mourning (Win Win Remix)
B3 Palm-Aire (Dreamboat Cover)
B4 ACheerlaeder (Teen Daze Remix)
B5 R.I.P. (CFCF Remix)

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