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To Paint The Sky played a sold-out show at Seattle’s El Corazon on October 8, opening for All That Remains and As I Lay Dying. I had the pleasure of talking with Allana, Ryan, Jimmy, Logan and Jaime just after their final sound check.

MVRemix: Tell me about To Paint The Sky

Ryan: It started out with a lot of band changes… Jaime the rhythm guitarist and I are the original members. By luck and knowing people, we got to know the rest of the group (Jimmy/guitar, Logan/drums, Allana/vocals). We formed as we are now about a year ago, became a family. We’re all local to Western Washington.

MVRemix: How do you define your music genre?

Ryan: Definitely rock, also alternative. Some pop/punk. On our 3-song demo we were trying to find our style and we had a different lead singer, so it’s a little different from what we are today. We speak to a lot of genres out there.

MVRemix: How do you write? Collaborative? One writer?

Allana: Ryan and I write lyrics, we work together on them.

Ryan: For the whole song, we all contribute. We split off into our strengths, add our own part.

Jimmy: It takes 2 or 3 practices ’til we know its structure. We add our own style and fine tune it. We’re determined to get the structure down and then the fine details. When it’s done, we all look at each other and that’s when we know we have it.

MVRemix: You have a full CD out?

Jimmy: No, Feb of next year. Literally right after this show, we will start writing more songs and go into the studio in November. Want to put out a 5-song EP. We’re progressing in terms of style…we definitely think the fans are going to like what we put out. breaking the mold. It’s being produced by Wil Francis (Aiden).

MVRemix: What’s the makeup of your fan base?

Roya [TPTS Manager]: Young people between the ages of 13 and 24. Popular with girls, we have eye candy! We have a MySpace page, Twitter and on Facebook, we have about 23,000 friends. Some of our fans make up our street team. Definitely have a good local following and after touring, we’re getting a good west coast following. It’s because of the fans that we were added to this show about two weeks ago.

MVRemix: Tell me about how your music has progressed.

Jimmy: Our sound has changed. The songs we have now are more rock alt, pop/punk, a better sound. The original 3 songs really showed us where we were creatively and we have progressed from there. But we’re still brutal, still have breakdowns and love to see the audience start jumping, but we also incorporated out own intuitive senses, melodic stuff. We have a piano rock ballad and we’re inspired by combination songs and try to branch out. There’s nobody that sounds like us.

MVRemix: What bands do you closely identify with?

Allana: A Day To Remember…maybe? Escape the fate? Oh, and Evanescence, as far as her sound.

Jimmy: One of my influences was Paramore, but we don’t sound exactly like that.

MVRemix: Personally, I thought of Halestorm’s Lizzy Hale when I heard Allana sing. Young, strong and a remarkable range.

Allana: We take aspects of what successful bands sound like, but we don’t copy them., we put out own influence on those aspects. We’re speaking to the essence of Seattle music and all the kids who support us . Because if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t be on this bill.

Jaime: So for me, writing this album is like writing it for all of them. We have some awesome fans and love each and every one of them. We remember the same people at our concerts.

Ryan: We love to play El Corazon because its like coming home… we’ve been to other cities, but we love Seattle.

Jaime: It makes me want to write more music.

Ryan: It’s a honor to play this show with the headliners. I mean I grew up listening to them and knowing that the kids are waiting to see them…that energy is going to be amazing, it’ll make us work harder, we’ll feed off of it.

I love live music and small clubs. I know it’s bad for my hearing, but To Paint The Sky is the kind of band that reinforces that feeling: loud, hard and musical. You don’t want it to end.

The opener was a solid headbanger with a definable melody, and Allana more than capably sang over the wall of sound. Her clear vocals were a perfect accompaniment to Jaime’s growls and Ryan’s bassline.

“Ashes To Ashes” was the set’s highlight, with a ripping intro that led into a wicked bassline. Jimmy had mic problems for the majority of the set, but the raw energy between he and Jaime overcame that technical issue. Some nice tempo change ups on this tune, which has commercial appeal.

Allana worked the crowd between songs, hyping the crowd for the headliners. The club oversold the venue by about 200 tickets and when I left after TPTS’s set, the line still stretched around the building. Not sure how the crowd took the news that although they had paid their money, they weren’t going to get in. But, those who were lucky enough to be the first 500 or so to get in were treated to a first-rate opening act and I know more than a few new fans were made.

Combined with their obvious understanding of who got them to this point and their willingness to acknowledge their fanbase, plus their eagerness to stretch and grow creatively, this band should have no problem being the headliner in the near future. They’re worth the price of admission.

See them at Studio Seven in Seattle on April 28th, 2011.

By H0ney

H0ney is an avid music lover based in the Puget Sound. She enjoys all genres, but especially likes the indie/alt/industrial styles.

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