SXSW 2011 Friday

I was feeling pretty lazy due to yesterday’s injury combined with hospital prescribed painkillers. But I got over it and rode my bike to the Victory Grill on 11th Street, where KVRX was having a punk show.

I got there just in time to see the epic last song of Female Demand’s set. Unstoppable Death Machines joined them on drums. Basically, three dudes were playing percussion instruments and one was hunched on the floor making experimental wailing sounds with electronic equipment. It was chaos accompanied by a strobe light. Female Demand is a duo from Houston who lives to perform even despite low audience attendance.

I was really surprised that there were few people at the show. The lineup was so good and unexpected. Rocket for Ethiopia was on next. They’re a three piece from Ft. Worth. At times they were super unpredictable, it was hard to tell where the songs were going, but each time they ended up being interesting and surprised me.

The show ended early, so I went home and ate a disappointing meal of cheesy popcorn. It’s really easy to become both malnourished and dehydrated during Southby. Avoid the overly expensive food carts and try to hit up grocery stores and make your own damn sandwiches. Anyway, I rode down to 7th Street where I thought I was going to see Starfucker at Lipstick 24. However, they never showed due to one of them getting arrested. I wish I knew the charge.

Instead, I joined some friends at a house show on King Street. It was really chill and nice. I ate a piece of watermelon that tasted like summer. Dear Human was the band I came to see. They’re from Denton and basically sound like experimental jam rock. It’s not bad though. Afterwards I scored a cold piece of avocado and gorgonzola pizza from the Parlor. Mmmm.

Back to downtown, I waited in line for what I thought was a free Gorilla Vs. Bear showcase. Some strange marching band with people on stilts walked by and was a better distraction than the loud metal music coming from a random tent across from Emo’s. Unfortunately the show cost monies, meaning I was so out of there.

Traveled east side to Longbranch Inn to see Cloud Nothings, a band I would say has an oxymoronic name. Maybe call it Loud Pop Punk Thunderings. Whatever. It’s really catchy and good. And probably the only group I listen to who happens to be from Cleveland. Then Julianna Barwick started. Her stuff is amazing and beautiful, but it’s extremely difficult to listen to angelic tapestries of voice swirl around when you’ve been awake forever. She layers and loops samples of her own voice to create musical magic, which makes sense considering that her new album is called “The Magic Place.”

Man, sleeping comes so easily these days!

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