The Fervor to hit road in support ofnew album Arise, Great Warrior,offer free download preview track, “Let’s Get Loaded”

The Fervor to hit road in support ofnew album Arise, Great Warrior,offer free
download preview track, “Let’s Get Loaded”

The Fervor, Louisville-bred & based, will be hitting the road beginning April 7th in St. Louis in support of their latest album, Arise, Great Warrior. From there, the tour will take in Kansas City MO, Belleville IL, Chicago IL, Columbus OH, Pittsburgh PA, Charlottesville VA, Mt. Pleasant SC, Nashville TN, Louisville KY, and Birmingham AL (dates below), with more to follow later this summer.

The Fervor’s second full length album has marked a rebirth of sorts for the Louisville rock quartet. Released on February 8th, the band teamed up with My Morning Jacket’s Jim James and producer Charles Gonzales to create an album that is undeniably engaging and sure to enrapture listeners with every listen.

Check out “Lets Get Loaded” from Arise, Great Warrior

“I had a dream i was being chased by two lions…their manes shining in the sun and blowing in the breeze as they chased me across an african plain with no end in sight or shelter of any kind. hoping i could outwit them, i dove into a stream(thinking perhaps they could not smell me if i was underwater) but they dove right in after me and sank their teeth into my neck…and i remember laying there in the water watching the lifeforce flow from my body into the stream with a beautiful rainbow-like quality…almost the same way motor oil looks in a puddle of rain…and it just felt so peaceful…i understood it was all so natural…survival of the fittest…and i got the same feeling when i first heard the liquid strands of the fervor’s “arise great warrior” flow thru my ears…it all feels so natural and peaceful…a necessary part of life, new born and floating freely in the cosmos forever now.” – Jim James, My Morning Jacket

Paired with grooving bass lines from Michael Campbell and intriguingly mellow drums from Matt Herron and The Fervor is a complete package bound for rock playlists everywhere. A tri-label release between Jim James’ label Removador Recordings (digital), SonaBLAST (CD) and drummer Mat Herron’s label Karate Body (vinyl), the triple threat support is just another unique touch to “Arise, Great Warrior.” From multiple Showcases at the 2011 SXSW festival to a slew of national tour dates, The Fervor has set out to make waves in 2011.

Tour Dates:
4.7: Off Broadway; St. Louis, MO with Union Electric
4.8: News Room; Kansas City, MO with Union Electric
4.9: Blue Agave; Belleville, IL with Union Electric
4.10: Darkroom; Chicago
4.12: Treehouse; Columbus with THE (OR)DEAL, KYLE SOWASH
4.13: Howler’s Coyote Cafe; Pittsburgh
4.14: Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar; Charlottesville, Va. with HUNTER SMITH & THE DEAD MEN
4.15: The Cave, Chapel Hill, NC with Gentle Robot, The Drowning Lovers
4.16: Village Tavern; Mt. Pleasant
4.21: The Five Spot; Nashville, TN with Colorfeels
4.29: Zanzabar; Louisville, KY with Wussy
5.13: Secret Stages; Birmingham, AL

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