When Saints Go Machine Release Video For “Add Ends,” New Track Off June 21st Release, Konkylie


Watch “Add Ends” video (directed By Dawn Carol Garcia) here:

The first visual representation from their gorgeous debut album, Konkylie, When Saints Go Machine’s “Add Ends” video utilizes a dizzying mix of narrative styles, something like a heartfelt, surrealist, sci-fi fantasy. “Because When Saints’ music has such a visual sound, more visual than most groups I hear, it was rather easy for me to draw a story onto Add Ends,” says Los Angeles director Dawn Carol Garcia. Building from the visual of riding quickly through a hospital in a wheelchair (“an image both bound and boundless”), the video for “Add Ends” is a collection of images as rich and nuanced as the music that inspired them.

An elderly and infirmed man has an altercation with a shady character on what may be his deathbed, which leaves him in the possession of a staff, which seems to be able to heal on touch. “Hermes’ staff, the Caduceus, is a concept I added in because it fit my perspective on hospitals,” explains Garcia. “It’s a symbol used for medical practice that is supposed to mean healing but in actuality it is the Greek symbol of commerce (a reality here that’s both fitting and tragic). I thought it would be nice if I could fix this error, for at least a moment, while riding in the wheel chair.”

The medical motif of the video is in keeping with the inspiration behind the song itself. According to the band, “’Add Ends’ deals with the topic of losing someone close to you and the strange ways your psyche is trying to work through the emptiness.” A lush, but sparsely arranged track, “Add Ends” forgoes percussion almost entirely, placing the intricate vocals on a bed of strings and subtle electronics. “We wanted to create a symphonic feeling based on electronics meeting classical instrumentation.”

The surreal elements of the video were achieved using a relatively low tech-technique whose effectiveness belies its simplicity. “We rear-projected the backgrounds on a wrinkled sheet,” Garcia says. “I like that it could have been done in 1915.”

Dawn works as a commercial and film director in Los Angeles. This is her second music video after Destroyer’s Kaputt. She’s currently in development on her first feature, a science fiction film called PALs.

Video Credits
Director: Dawn Carol Garcia
Cinematographer: Paul de Lumen
Editor: Ian Arthur
Produced by Boxer Film in Los Angeles, CA

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