Natalia Kills Bleeds Perfection: Perfectionist Album Review

Natalia Kills Perfectionist

Perfection: the quality of being free from all possible flaws. With a sizable album title such as Perfectionist, Natalia Kills is bound to fail in executing the feat, maybe not. With all the pop artists in the mainstream scene today what makes Kills so different? Everything.

What does Perfectionist bring to the table? Creativity, Influence, Direction and Excitement. Not to mention her album is more than just filled with catchy songs but an intricate blend of unique beats.

Kills definitely perfects the art of electronic pop with her release bringing something new to each track, moving from Wonderland to Heaven the perfectionist theme is reminiscent throughout the album leading her to true excellence at the album’s end.

Wonderland brings about her struggle for perfection with a piercing electric guitar breaking her out of the song’s gloomy chorale verse. Free begins with a Miike Snow feel and sporting a chorus that’ll make you want to quit your day job and dance until you can hit the dance floor. Break You Hard, Zombie and Love is a Suicide add to the omniscient theme with Zombie painting a picture similar to prized Kanye West’s 808s & Heartbreak album. Kills leaves her mark with the energetic and unforgettable track, Mirrors – not leaving her Lady Gaga influence unmentioned. A grungy tone sets up Not In Love, which breads creativity, changing tempo and tone throughout. Acid Annie showcases her unique voice – with a rocky, attitude filled, Alanis Morissette type feel to the track. Superficial and Broke are again reminiscent of the dark feel to the album.

Kills ends her impeccable album with If I Was God, a substantial but somewhat hopeless reverie. The track showcases her voice, the soul of the album, her direction and her uniqueness and creativity – ending with her characteristic gloomy style.

Natalia Kills puts her foot down and makes herself known – showcasing her perfection. Ready to play in the big leagues she refuses to accept any standard short of perfection – get ready folks here is your Perfectionist.

By Sean Carlin

When Sean is not caught daydreaming of a luxurious beachfront life in California, he can be seen saving lives in his free time - by a pool, that is! With a love for writing and music at a tender age, Sean's unique tastes in novels and music far surpassed those of his peers. Only diversified interests in big screen releases - movies of various genres, rivaled these passions. Sean's calm nature, yet quick wit, and love of impromptu comebacks allow him to easily become a part of many social circles. Those who know him best appreciate his loyalty. Academic interests and pursuits in the field of psychology round out the picture of this individual's profile!

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