Foo Fighters’ Wasting Light Burning Bright

Foo Fighters Wasting Light

The first time I heard of the Foo Fighters was during a class quiz at the end of the school year; you know, when the teacher can’t be bothered to teach new material and keep these rugrats focused. “What is the name of the band rumoured to contain the surviving members of the band Nirvana?” I can also remember thinking “What a stupid name for a band. They won’t last.” True story.

Guess it shows how much a 10 year old knows about rock music.

It’s been 17 whole years since Dave Grohl presented us his version of post-Cobain rock, and while the names have come and gone, the brand has gone on to be a powerhouse of music. Their latest, Wasting Light, is set to be released April 12th, and based on the first single, Rope, looks poised to reaffirm their status as stadium rock champions.

With an upcoming theatrical release Back and Forth, chronicling the band’s rise to fame, as well as a very busy Festival schedule this summer, there are plenty of gems to be added to the setlist – a personal favourite is Arlandria, a driving 4 and a half minutes that really ought to be the flagship single. I Should Have Known is an angst-ridden, painful track that can’t NOT be about breakups (possibly an infidelity). White Limo is by far the grittiest and most “out there” track: note the screaming vocals, the metal riff that wouldn’t be out of place on a Sabbath album. That said, Wasting Light marks a return to their earlier style, the reason you fell in love with them in the first place. While the entire album is strong, the really memorable songs, the ones you won’t get out of your head for three days, are on the front half. Listen to the whole album and make your own call.

This album is great, but only because it is, for want of a better word, comfortable. By not flexing their creative muscles they are cementing their fans further to their loyalty. Wasting Light will not disappoint The Army Of Foo, this is sure. But you have to wonder if the train has left the station and can’t pick up any new passengers.

By Aaron Peart

If Aaron hadn't chosen to snowboard for the rest of his life, music would easily fill that hole.

Avid gig-goer when finances and scheduling allows, he has seen everyone from Del tha Funky Homosapien to the Rolling Stones to Sharon Jones.

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