TV on the Radio & Nine types of Light album review

I occasionally see Mr. Malone at a certain North side book shop; he seems undoubtedly chill and I wish I could freeze frame his presence because it is refreshing when held up against what the media might have you think, as it outlines what it is America is looking for while it hunts down the next recognizable artist for all to be hyped by forgotten sounds.

Almost displaced amongst the other tracks while reminding me of Beck with its downerish/ uninspired purpose, there is a feel of silver lake or some other urban late afternoon LA Haze hanging over my head. Repetition oddly enough makes me think of Dave Mathews when he attempts to be both a little funky and a little dark. “Love How I`m Livin” is the closest thing to hip-hop narcissism with it’s Micro swagger in tow New Cannonball Blues (Pornographic adulation?) The down beat is hard and has a way of keeping an illusion of flow going even as certain changes abruptly get in the way, the break down is nice and strung out much like past TV, (rhe horns bring a subtle surprise to the mix). Killer krane drom the take-off creates a feel of expectation, of a need to hear what will follow in a very stoned Beatles style as it has a way of slowing down the rest of everything else, especially if you look up quickly while listening inside of a busy place.

Keep your heart comes off like an Appalachia type moan, the music beneath is calm and does not distract from the vocal heights being stabbed at, I wish the little blues note that kicks in around 2:25 would have stretched out a bit more ( perhaps an acoustic version?) the fade out is very brooklynesque as it reminded me quickly of how clearly modern the guys are. Second song comes out more like a beatnik slang as the words cut ahead and lead in front of the music which seems to be nothing more than a chunk of instrumental for the tongue to sit on. Will do sounds sexual in a meaningful & personal type of way, almost like a sort of preaching, the kind actually intent on bettering any who hear it while not wasting the time of those who wish to take it very seriously as a love song.

Overall, I think the word accessible is the wrong description for this album; my guess is that it was simply made from a different perspective than the previous ones which for some reason many wish to solidify as simply “art rock” records. As it seems to always be, there is the usual chaotic cascade smoothed over by a consistent sound, a weightless enough sound for those who wish to celebrate just the poetical lyricism taking place above.

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