Michael Monroe – Sensory Overdrive album review

This release is highly anticipated here in the States and should be out in the next couple of months, so I wanted to get everyone primed that has not yet heard it. The same line up from the live shows and live releases are in full effect on this studio effort that was produced by the legendary rock and roll producer Jack Douglas.

Sammy Yaffa and Steve Conte jumped ship from the New York Dolls (money was a major issue, I’ve been told) and what the Dolls gave up in balls on their latest release, Michael Monroe gained in spades! This release features a couple of guest appearances in the form of Lucinda Williams and Lemmy from MotorHead and this is the best record that Jack Douglas has produced in quite awhile, so sit back and read the track by track, blow by blow.

The record kicks off with the band doing their best Stooges take, Raw Power era, with “Trick Of The Wrist” which rolls into the first “single”, “78”, an arena anthem with a big sing a long chorus and is a battle cry for the cool shit that went on in the seventies, with the spirit and attitude of the Punk movement, saddled with a cool Pistols vibe throughout. “

“Got Blood” is up next with it’s “Shakedown” type Conte riff and it’s ‘stream of consciousness’ lyrics and vocal melody, about giving it your all when you hit the stage, which this band knows a lot about. “Super Power, Super Fly” is a direct ode to Cheap trick style Pop Rock, written by Ginger and vocal styling in the vein of Nazareth’s Dan MaCafferty, which leads into the tune written by the full band, “Modern Day Miracle”, with it’s The Zeros (purple haired version) type opening riff and gang vocals.

“Bombs Away” features great “blues Punk” harmonica playing by Monroe and an arrangement by Douglas and “All You Need” is a straight up “Not Faking It” era rocker, with “Later Won’t Wait” being another rocker with a cool Monroe Sax breakdown. “Gone Baby Gone” features a duet with Lucinda Williams and is a nice roots rock song, and a good break from the high energy rock through the release. “Center of Your Heart” is a Ginger/Conte penned tune that bares the most resemblance to “Old” Hanoi Rocks, especially with the guitars playing against each other, “Underwater World” style. The record ends up with a Lemmy written song that was originally titled “MotorHeaded For A Fall” but is now “Debauchery Is A Fine Art” and as expected is another rocker that ends everything with a bang.

Overall, this record will end up being on a lot of people’s top 10 for the year, and it is the type of Rock and Roll record that you can expect from a band that’s really hitting it from the heart.

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