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Architecture in Helsinki – Moment Bends album review

Moment Bends was released on May 3, 2011 and is the newest album created by Architecture in Helsinki. The Melbourne band has not produced a full-length since 2007’s Places Like This. With the parting of James Cecil and the inclusion of a set recording studio, their sound has evolved to have a higher production quality while being very synth heavy. AiH consists of Cameron Bird (vocals/keyboard/guitar), Gus Franklin (trombone), Jamie Mildren (guitar), Sam Perry (bass), and Kellie Sutherland (vocals/keyboard/clarinet).

The thought process behind this new work was to make a strong reference to the buoyancy and naivety belonging to the genre of 80s pop, which has resulted in a fluffy mix of vintage dance floor sounds and modern hit-makers sensibility.

Opening the album is “Desert Island” which brings a calypso reggae feel that is almost sickeningly tropical. Bird sings, “We built Atlantis in the space of a day” which is moderately funny considering the span of time it took for this album to be born.

Third on the Moment Bends is “Contact High,” a recently released single that is a dancey jaunt filled with Italo disco flair. Number five is a sweet song expressing the excitement of a young romance. “Yr Go To” is a joyful exercise in bouncy synth pop.

“That Beep” is the eighth track and has already been released previously on the That Beep EP. Sutherland does the lead vocals while the male voices make interesting effects that punctuate the verses. This song is most akin to AiH’s older sound which is perfectly natural considering that it came out in 2008 when the band was just starting to form the new record.

Track ten is titled “Everything’s Blue” and begins fairly dramatically with a wash of orchestrated sound. Then funky beats rush in and the chorus adds a wave of sweeping vocals.

AiH will be touring Australia, the U.S., and Europe in support for their newest effort.

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