of Montreal – thecontrollersphere EP review

Just recently the indie pop/rock band of Montreal from Athens, Georgia released their new ep, thecontrollersphere. This album is the final chapter of an ongoing trilogy that the band has been working on since 2007. A trilogy that seems that with each album becomes even more bizarre.

If you are unfamiliar with their work, of Montreal’s work can best be described as psychedelic pop with a electronica and glam twist to it. Try and imagine The Beatles, David Bowie and Prince all playing together at the same time, the result would sound similar to of Montreal. Founded by Kevin Barnes, of Montreal provides a unique edge for its listeners to get lost into.

From the trippy album artwork to the zany lyrics, thecontrollersphere will grab your attention from the first track. Once you start listening to it you will get lost in the creative, one of a kind beat that it offers. the controllersphere is a five track EP with the one commonality apparent in each song; a dark edge.

“Black Lion Massacre” has to be by far the darkest of the songs, composed of the sounds of a low menacing clashing along with the most wonderful lyrics that talk about such things as people being slaughtered, peeing on one another, murdering their pets, and gouging out the eyes of both reptiles and mutilated fish, all of which are very fun things to do of course. The tone of “Flunkt Sass vs. the Root Plume” is full of despair and almost trance like. As for the lyrics they are just like that of the rest of the EP, both confusing and amusing. However the tone and lyrics for the rest of the EP are full of shifts in tempo, unpredictable, abnormal, and yet so very catchy. This recent gem by of Montreal is a definite must own.

By Aaron Weis

Born in Ogden, Utah and raised in sunny California, I love to live life to the fullest. Stand by the saying everyone dies but not everyone lives. Music is a huge part of my life and I listen to everything, personal favorites include Cage, Deftones, Eminem, Green Day, The Fray, La Roux, Lady Gaga, Skinny Kids, Aesop Rock, Owl City, Muse, and so very much more. I love running, swimming, writing, basketball, and just having a good time, usually with the company of good friends to make lasting memories. People that inspire me are my grandmother, Chris Palko, Anthony Burgess, Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Henry David Thoreau, eminem, and Jesus. I love tattoos and smoking marlboro 27's. I dream big and my ambitions are set on being a writer.

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