Planningtorock – W album review

Music and art can be interpreted in very different ways. To bring the two together in such a impactful way is sometimes very difficult, but is seemingly easy for musician and visual artist Janine Rostron. There is a strong minimalist feel present in her almost mesmerizing music that is layered with very entrancing vocals. Her newest release, simply titled “W,” comes off with a powerful trance like feel to it that takes the listener through a very odd journey. A journey that pushes onward without much effort, but has quite a bit to offer still. It becomes easy to lose yourself in these very ambient soundscapes.

“W” weaves in and out between many of the electronic genres used, with some tracks featuring a more House inspired vibe, whereas others make incredible use of atmosphere which borders on the fine lines of silence. Dialing in at twelve songs, this record rarely becomes unbearable, but finds a more suitable place as background noise at many points. There are some very upbeat songs on this album though, notably “I Am Your Man” and “Living It Out.” But these songs are surrounded by very ambient and ghost-like tracks that blend effortlessly into their own atmosphere.

“W” is very thought provoking, and soothing in a strange way. The more uppity songs I was not a big fan of, as I felt they seemed very out of place. The ambience created by the majority of the material feel much more suitable, and also blend incredibly well with each other. The array of vocals present in each song stood out, all of course generated by the same woman, almost sounding man-like at times, keeping things very fresh and interesting, and is definitely one of the stronger points of “W”, possibly Planningtorock as a whole.

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