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The Airborne Toxic Event Interview caught up with Mikel and Daren of The Airborne Toxic Event when they passed through Montreal, Quebec on May 12th, 2011 to perform live at Cabaret La Tulipe.

The Airborne Toxic Event consists of Mikel Jollett, Daren Taylor, Anna Bulbrook, Steven Chen and Noah Harmon.

This distinct and accomplished band want it all and are putting up a fight on this sophomore release, All At Once.

All At Once breeds vigorous anthems, which take a seat next to stadium rockers of the likes of U2: a performance worthy of Grammy efforts and stadium prevailing. The Airborne Toxic Event is lead by the vocals of the ambitious Mikel Jollett, guiding the rest of his band to the prized dénouement. One thing is for sure, you will be enticed. The album is imbedded with influences from U2 to the National and conjures up images of Springsteen stadium indie rock anthems.

The Airborne Toxic Event Interview part 1:

The Airborne Toxic Event Interview part 2:

By Sean Carlin

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