The Wave Pictures – Beer In The Breakers album review

To many, including my delight, lyric heavy calmingly crazed British born The Wave Pictures release Beer in The Breakers. If early Ween and late Neutral Milk Hotel were garnished with true authenticity they would create a bad ass child name called Beer in the Breakers.

Lead singer David Tatersills’ emotion filled voice unleashes each lyric from his mouth and the words run wild, creating an electric paradise of peaceful melodrama. This is not an easy emotion to indentify let alone create, something I can only imagine with pleasure. “Now your smile comes over in your voice” features a fine example of the Wave Pictures strange story telling technique which somehow comes together as a well-rehearsed tune featuring a well-received surf guitar riff. This song is indicative of how much variety the album offers while remaining holistic.

Hummable shoulder shuffling tunes are presented with songs like “Little Surprise,” as humbling and uplifting as good as the golden drunken tune sung on the way home from a sentimental night. Whereas “Walk The Back Stairs Quiet” serves as an example of how instrumentally inventive the Wave Pictures are. The rest of the album is an explorative journey through astringent sounds and resonating lyrics.

Take the long way home with this one, well done boys.

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