of Montreal – thecontrollersphere EP review

The history of this album dates back to 2007.  The front man of the psychedelic pop ensemble of Montreal, Kevin Barnes utters the words in the track “Faberge Falls for Shuggie” of the immaculate album, “Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?” The five-track “thecontrollersphere” EP is the final installment in of Montreal’s trilogy following Skeletal Lamping and False Priest.

“thecontrollersphere” EP allows us to peer deeper into the terrifyingly creative mastermind and gloomy obscurity of Barnes’ imagination. Therefore, the trilogy of releases follows the same thematic pattern. The craft and frightening imagination of Barnes is not lost on the outtakes of “False Priest,” which make up this ingenious release.

The EP begins and terminates with drastic noise, in which themes of sexuality, religion and the established link between them are highlighted in the EP’s tracks. The first track, “Black Lion Massacre” encompasses a defining assault of sound, but moreover, showcases Barnes’s astonishing creativity. The art of making music that is instinctive and grotesque is highlighted in “Black Lion Massacre” noise concept requiem. The nightmarish scenery solidified with bouts of screaming and sudden collisions of sound narrated by Barnes’ devilish, robot voice alludes to chilling sexual tales of a post-apocalyptic world.

The Pink Floyd comparison can be drawn on the psychedelic track “Flunkt Sass vs the Root Plume.” The lyrical narration undeniably outshines the melodic aspect of the song.

“L’age D’Or” portrays a funk-rock vibe. It conjures up images of the likes of Prince with a splash of unpleasant lyrics made to force fright and uncomfortableness onto the listener. With a track filled with such lust, it fits flawlessly as a contrast to the hellish shrieks splashed amongst the album’s entirety.

of Montreal is notorious as a spectacle, showcased in shockingly far-fetched live performances. With this EP we can only assume that in the coming albums, we can exponentially expect even more outlandishness.

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