of Montreal – thecontrollersphere EP review

Controlling The Sphere

Kevin Barnes spectrum of work with this band has had a long, amazing journey from his first album Cherry Peel to this a rock dance album that works on many different levels. The first song Black Lion Massacre is definitely put first to bring you into this world that Kevin has created to get your attention, and it does. Black Lion Massacre reminds me of Mr. Bungle, also of Frank Zappa’s Freak Out album.

Switching musical colours is the theme of this album but every song has its rightful place and the flow is wonderful. Holiday Call the third song is all about a party hookup and will make a great hit in the clubs.  Kevin plays and sings on most of thecontrollersphere with help from Matt Chamberlain (Drums), Jon Brion (Drums, Producer) and K IshIBashI ( Strings).  Just like most of their albums, the artwork is amazing.

Slave Translator the EP’s last song has many different levels and also talks about party girls and guys being slaves to their bodies only for sex while trying to make them see they are more than that.  The imagery that Kevin brings is very powerful, but used in a happy go lucky sort of way, always staying light musically with heavy subjects. 

The past of Kevin Barnes is here in this album but he moves forward always taking his band’s sound to new levels, in this day and age for a band that’s how you stay alive.

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