Africa Hitech – 93 Million miles album review

Fresh on the scene, Africa Hitech hits us with their debut album like a delicious pie in the face. The two piece all stars create generous heavily basified broken techno. Veteran producer Mark Pritchard and vocalist Steve Sparks are no strangers to the dirty dance floor genre.

93 Million Miles explores how diverse their handheld beats can be. The album will get you bopping your head like it’s too heavy to keep on those shifting shoulders. The third song, “Out on the Streets” expresses the range and authenticity of sound the two wish to create which dives into cross cultural sampling. The bass remains heavy for the duration this ass shaking groove fest, particularly in “Future Moves,” which sounds like it was recorded in an aquarium.

“Cylic Sun” is completely soul infused and globally evolved ,with excellent bass factor as per usual. 93 Million Miles is congruent and doesn’t miss a single beat, every second is filled with carefully selected exposure of sound and they come together in solid heavy tracks broken up subtly. Africa Hitech is best suited getting down to the ground on a cement dance floor as the style is profoundly dusty but manages to uplift. This genre which is everything from techno to futuristic electronica is not easy to keep revitalized, but 93 miles proves it is possible with the intermingling of compatible sound, even silence which is found through the exit door of this experience.

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