Austra – Feel It Break Lives album review

Austra’s Feel It Break Lives Up To Its Name

Katie Stelmanis should have stuck to singing her artsy pop that demanded attention as a solo artist than singing electronica or whatever you call her latest efforts in Austra’s Feel it Break album. I tried really hard to find the silver lining with this one. Unless I missed something, Feel it Break didn’t deliver the musical brilliance I was hoping to receive.

The reason for that is I can probably sum up the album in very few words. Electronica. Words. High-pitched vocals.

For most if not all 11 tracks, the vocals sounded identical—high-pitched and one note. And, funny enough, with such powerful and enticing track titles (Hate Crime, The Villain, Beat and Pulse to name a few) you would expect the tracks to live up to their names. But, as said before, song after song ended up blending into one and it was hard to tell them apart from each other.

In fact, on The Choke, you expect that you’ll hear a haunting and moving song yet Stelmanis’ vocals sound stagnant and I actually caught myself asking out loud, “Did she really just chant Niagara?”

Take “Shoot the Water” as another example. It started out promising and somewhat distinct and then I hear “I want your blood; I want it in my hair”. I just couldn’t follow.

Sadly, Feel it Break’s repetitive music doesn’t play out too well for me. I felt I was stuck in the Science Centre with that planetarium-esque music looming in the background. It’s frustrating because you know what the vocalist is capapble of—and when they don’t come close to using their full capacity you as a listener gets thrown off completely.

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