Liturgy – Aesthethica album review

A new sound has come out of Brooklyn, New York, a black metal four-piece that defy music boundaries and destroy anything in it’s path. But the real question one should ask is whether the band is metal or not. Perhaps the best genre to classify them in would be transcendental. Black metal is one of those genres where progression is merciful…but Liturgy change the game altogether when it comes to their independence. Not to mention a improbable label by the name of Thrill Jockey showcasing their experimental cryptic craft. Liturgy have become notorious for their senseless ambitions, church-burning sets and frontman Hunter Hunt-Hendrix’s mannerless sense outside of music.

Honestly, I’m not too sure what to say about Liturgy’s “Aesthethica” album. The tracks “High Gold”, “True Will” and “Returner” – not to mention the remaining tracks, seem to have an endearment to thirty second or so repeat of shrills of screams and rampant turbulent drums and guitar riffs. “High Gold” , a blood bubbling inauguration to a track with a blaze of Hunter Hunt-Hendrix’s shrills and charging drums. The inferno continues to “True Will” undeniably “Aesthethica” ‘s darkest tracks and onto “Returner.” But then the headache of a track “Generation” which consists of a single riff played over seven minutes broken up only by a minute of transition.  A fitting title for the jubilant anthem, “Glory Bronze,” comprising of mounting rousing rock-guitar riffs. However, the filler “Helix Skull” switches the course, with an instrumental of synth-only framework – not very black metal in my books, another stab at the forgiving of progression in black metal. A track that makes you want to double-check whether or not your record has skipped.

I give Liturgy praise for their drive and energy from their drummer – who likely outshines the rest of the band, yet it seems as though the arrangement of the guitar riffs was overlooked. Nonetheless, it seems the only thing that is halting the progression of this Brooklyn four-piece “black metal” band is its lyrical composition which is, to put it lightly, nonexistent.

Liturgy - Aesthethica album review

By Sean Carlin

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