LA’s Indie-Rock N Roll Darlings, Bowery Beasts To Release “Heavy You” EP July 5th, 2011

LA’s Indie-Rock N Roll Darlings, Bowery Beasts To Release “Heavy You” EP July 5th, 2011

As their debut EP, “Heavy You,” gets ready for release this July, word is on the streets of Los Angeles that Bowery Beasts may be the best group to make it out of that city in a decade.

The Beasts make their shelter in the cracks of town, and like Love, The Doors, The Byrds, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Guns ‘n’ Roses before them, their music tells the story of their times in a voice at once hauntingly familiar, and ever so strange. From Laurel Canyon to the graffiti dawns of Venice Beach, and through the crumbling bridges of the east side, this wildly long haired duo and their band of merry jeepsters have been lately on the prowl.

Led by enigmatic front man Marion Belle, the Beasts have captivated the Scene with their self-described brew of “Blue Jean Glam,” a mixture of psycho-tropic folk, 70’s metal strut, & California haze. The story began when last year’s underground EP, “Venice Peach,” garnered attention from 90’s cult legend Ken Andrews of Failure, who worked with the Beasts’ to produce their forthcoming full-length & EP. Belle & Andrews developed a signature recording method in the process of these records, working live to tape out of the hallowed rooms of Sunset Sound and Sound Factory, fashioning a new sound with wild sparkle of warmth & mayhem. A series of 7″ and 45″ releases, lauded by Sex Pistols guitarist and KROQ DJ Steve Jones, have led to gigs with Tame Impala, J Roddy Walston & The Business, Dungen, and most recently, a residency at the renowned Silverlake Lounge.

In 2011, Bowery Beasts are the group to watch for as they stand ready to take the world by glittering storm with a euphorically sun-tanned, gramophonic explosion of sound. “Heavy You” screams instant Summertime classic that may take you back to the heady days when giants like Freddy Mercury ruled the waves, when all we had was love, and all we had were songs.

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