Girls Names – Dead to Me album review

Dead to Me by the Belfast trio Girls Names is a dreary drive down the graveyard of 60’s surf, 80’s new wave and even a subtle pinch of pop. I found the gloomy undertones of Dead to Me to be very enjoyable, and it added a very strong distinction to their debut record. In a world dominated by auto tune and pro tools, it’s nice to hear there are still some artists out there with a love for the classics. In the past I have criticised bands for an abuse of these vintage genres, but Girls Names seems to know how to do it right, and not in an off-putting way.

The chiming sound of nostalgic guitar, and the gloomy vocals set the stage for a very interesting listen. I really enjoyed that these songs were kept short and sweet, as opposed to drawn out. I Could Die is a very good example of the subtle undertones this record proposes, and also a good example of time well spent track length wise. These songs do not drone on, they are very straight to the point, making the sequencing between tracks very enjoyable and a much easier listen for any newcomers. The structure of these songs follow a very basic format, but what makes this record so unbelievable are the subtle traces of the almost Bauhaus-esque sound.

The retro atmosphere created on Dead to Me is one to be savored, and also one to be praised. The brilliant mix of past, past and present is something you don’t hear much of these days, or something you don’t hear done very well at all. Girls Names have definitely succeeded with their debut album, in restoring a sense of nostalgia with the listener, and also with creating something truly worth the listen.

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