Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr – It’s A Corporate World album review

Stripping out of logo embedded race-car suits, It’s A Corporate Worlddoesn’t necessarily mean ‘business’. In fact, much like a double alias the name Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. serves as measure against the music it stands for. Leaving behind the intensity of the NASCAR noise and gaudy label branding, a light gush of electro pop rides through on cruise control.

The album begins with the gentle eye-rubber “Morning Thought”which assumes the implied wake-up into a slow, happy-go-lucky kind of day. The rest of the album follows in the same light, moving through waves of on-beat sonic synths. It’s curves are smooth, the melodies are charming.

The catchiness of some tracks seems to waiver on songs like“When I open my eyes”, where a delicate piano rhythm is dosed with one too many off elements. Same goes for the track “Vocal Chords”with its plenty of harmonized vocal lines. The catchy hooks loose slack by the irks of extraneous production, like a compound of one too many sugary sounds that can’t be swallowed whole.

A cutesy nature runs through the whole album even while some dark ness in songs like “Skeleton” and “The Fisherman”, with lyrical references to the underworld, flutter despite. Colorful melodies are stacked to create a world where fears are lulled and dreams are cuddled instead.

What started out as a recording, sound writing project has turned the duo into yet another basement bred, indie-pop production. The complexity of the album may come off strong, perhaps too strong, but its intention are light. In similar contrast the album’s message against the rise of modern corporations and business chain society, albeit a bold topic, is approached with a tongue-in-cheek mildness. Their quirky character jabs coupled with their gentle sounds mix to form a debut that shows sweet potential.

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