Thurston Moore – Demolished Thoughts album review

Sonic Youth frontman Thurston Moore releases “Demolished Thoughts”

52 year old Thurston Moore, former frontman of Sonic Youth and a driving force  behind alternative rock music throughout the 80s and 90s – has released his 4th solo album, Demolished Thoughts. With Beck as the producer on Moore’s first ever acoustic rock album, nothing less than extraordinary should be expected, proving to fans that artists who make lots of noise and freakouts can be sensitive chamber folk as well.

Beck’s mellow tone and incredible mixing skills are absolutely essential on this album. (Beck fans will instantly recognize elements from his 2002 release Sea Change). The 9 tracks on Demolished Thoughts are heavily laced with gorgeous strings (violin, bass, and harp – alongside Moore’s guitar and vocals), paying the most attention to the instrumentals over lyrics. Songwriting is not a strength and neither is the energy level really – its a relaxing album filled with themes on relationships and remorse.

“Benediction” and” Circulation”  are standout tracks, where Moore’s guitar rips into a perfectly orchestrated lullaby. After listening to the entire album, you feel as though you’d just heard one giant ever changing track. What lacks in riot makes up for in enlightenment. Its a refreshingly mature sound, and listening to “Space” send listeners on a little hippie-trippy journey.

Overall this is a fantastic and relaxing summer listen with many hidden depths to be explored.

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