Junior Boys – It’s All True album review

Junior Boys Channel the Old and the New

Itchy Fingers; Playtime; Banana Ripple…Credit should be given to the Junior Boys for coming up with the most original song titles for their newest album It’s All True.

Jeremy Greenspan and Matt Didemus offer a whole new outlook on what it means to be a rare band these days. In fact, it’s a risky thing to channel the 80’s especially when the younger generation probably has little to no clue what 80’s music actually was.

It’s even riskier when you think of the band’s history of rejections and misses. They don’t, however, make any apologies. There’s no guarantee that you’ll instantly fall in love with the album. Though, if you have a little faith, once you listen to a couple of tracks, you just can’t help but want to listen to more—especially when you can hear tiny remnants of old INXS popping in. Or, if that’s not enough to wow you, pay attention to the soft Asian melodies on some of their tracks. Strange, but oddly interesting.

Itchy Fingers, the first track off It’s All True, hooks you in with its lyrics, “So patient, so kind…keep wondering if you are playing with my mind”, while “You’ll Improve Me” grabs you by its melody.

“Playtime” even offers a unique twist on “bedroom music” as its slow and sensual tones tease the ears and play with your taste.

Though, what really takes the cake is “Banana Ripple”. I wish I could say it was the title alone that caught my eye—or ear I should say. Nine minutes of fascinating beats and playful harmonies—and you probably will find yourself using the repeat button.

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