Hyetal – Broadcast album review

When you hear the words ‘chill-step’ or ‘chill-house’ music, it is easy to associate it with a funky, ultra trendy setting where people from different walks of the glitterati life talk about all things fabulous. Basically something out of a “Sex In The City” episode. Chill house music has always been the soundtrack that has provided these funky settings an ultra-sophisticated, posh vibe. A dark soundtrack for ultra-hip lounge lizards to party throughout the night.

Hyetal is the exception to this trend. True he is an electronic DJ from Bristol, UK and true his sound is primarily based on chill-house. However, what sets him apart is the balance he sets within his sound and his latest album “Broadcast” amplifies his exceptional skill in fusing chill-step music with an ambiance that can only be described as, pretty.

Listening to tracks such as “Diamond Mix” and “Phoenix” shows the balance or the contradiction that lies behind his sonic creativity. For every beat that evokes a mood of late night cruising or lounge partying, it is complimented with a healthy dose of gorgeous washed out synths or disenchanted haunting vocals that give each track on the album a breathy, pure vibe. Perhaps the most interesting cut from “Broadcast” is “Beachscene” which starts of as a strident, militaristic, call-to-arms anthem and morphs into a stuttery, melodic ride that piles vibrant synths on the aggresive stoicness of the track. This blend and balance that Hyetal demonstrates resonates with the listener. The ebb and flow of beat-steps and atmospheric syths, the push-and-pull between aggressive, grimy beats against sky-high vocals make “Broadcast” a pleasing ride through sonic territory that blurs the boundaries of electronic and chill-house music.

By Aman Dhesi

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