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Priory is a quartet hailing from that lovely pocket of the Pacific Northwest, Portland, to be exact, and they make the kind of songs one would expect to hail from Portland: folky pop songs.

What sets Priory apart from their contemporaries, or such a group as Band of Horses (that was my first impression upon first listen)? Oh, just their lovely vocal melodies weaved in; and maybe their way of crafting super catchy sing-along songs stuck on repeat in your head, like Kings of Troy, Lady of Late or White Coat.

And how could I not mention the touch of warm synth sounds?
I can think of a few bands who have infused their folky songs with synthesizers, but I haven’t heard a folky band from up North, without trying to be cutesy, adding synths to their slightly melancholy sounding songs in quite some time, so it’s fair to say that this self-titled piece is quite a breath of fresh air in terms of the genre of indie pop folk (if that’s even a genre).

Most will be quick to judge their sound and write them off as another indie-folk band, but it’s the poppy sound that truly sets them apart, making you want to keep listening.

Maybe it’s because I know where this band comes from, but I can’t help but to feel compelled to take this album along with me on a hike through Runyon Canyon, or some other lovely hike trail here in Los Angeles (yes, we have quite a collection of lovely hiking trails here).

This album pairs well with a lovely, foresty setting and comfy hiking shoes, and since we have plenty here in LA, the warm embrace of the sun to balance out that poppy element I can’t stop talking about.

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