Love Inks live show review in Montreal

Love Inks – Show Review: June 1st, 2011, Le Cagibi, Montreal, Quebec

Having traveled all the way to a small, quaint, charmingly cozy show café in Montreal from their hometown of Austin, the Love Inks frontwoman, Sherry LeBlanc deemed this a special show, for their E.S.P. release, after coming straight from her father’s funeral. Dedication or what?

As I sat and waited for the performance, I couldn’t help but notice the character that Le Cagibi showcased which undoubtedly complimented the poised quartet. As the venue started to fill up, fans moved from the back to the front seats. The down-to-earth, LeBlanc, addressed the 20 or so people in the crowd, while sipping on her beer.

What I found most surprising was how indistinguishable their live sound was compared to their album especially for a band just coming out of their van after a long journey. The honeyed vocals from LeBlanc filled the tiny café, their drummer played all but two drums draped in silk cloths, while their composed guitarist, Adam, and bassist, Kevin, stood firmly, tapping their feet, at opposite sides of the stage.

Banging out four tracks, including “Can’t Be Wrong” and “Skeleton Key” before addressing the crowd, “At least I can see all of you tonight!, we couldn’t even see the crowd at our last stop because it was so dark!”

One stand out track was the energy possessed “Blackeye” in which the whole crowd seemed to be singing along. Wrapping up with a cover of David Essex’s “Rock On,” in which their bassist, Kevin, took the spotlight, I noticed their versatile edge and recognized some of their shortcomings – mainly their presence on stage. Perhaps it was the venue that took away from their energy on stage but they made up for it with their undeniably contagious sublime filled tracks.

With a performance consisting of ten songs, the tracks all blended into a peaceful and bliss morning feel. Abruptly from the back of the crowd came an avid fan’s cry for one more song. Leaving their fans in awe they added “More songs to come! We’ve been working on some in the van.” Overall, a truly inspiring experience for the fans and definitely for Love Inks. In admiration, I left the venue thinking about the adventure this young band is about to embark on and their carefree attitude about the journey ahead of them. If you can produce immaculate music and enjoy the ride without regrets or disappointments, my hat is off to you!

By Sean Carlin

When Sean is not caught daydreaming of a luxurious beachfront life in California, he can be seen saving lives in his free time - by a pool, that is! With a love for writing and music at a tender age, Sean's unique tastes in novels and music far surpassed those of his peers. Only diversified interests in big screen releases - movies of various genres, rivaled these passions. Sean's calm nature, yet quick wit, and love of impromptu comebacks allow him to easily become a part of many social circles. Those who know him best appreciate his loyalty. Academic interests and pursuits in the field of psychology round out the picture of this individual's profile!

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