“LMFAO” are the words that come into my mind when I think of The Lonely Island new released album entitled “Turtlenecks & Chains”. From the beginning to the end the SNL trio
put together a master mix of comedy driven music that will keep you on your toes
throughout the duration of the album. Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone and Akiva
Schaffer brings a new style of “Swag” into the hip hop genre, with questionable
lyrics, catchy instrumentals and just plain “out of the box” concepts. Ever
since the first album called “Incredibad” debuted in 2009, the trio grouped
cleverly achieved “Plymouth rock Standards” by recreating such hits like “Dick
In A Box” and “I’m on a boat” with their sophomore album (which is in stores

Ever since The Lonely Island’s anthem “I’m on a boat” featuring
hip-hop artist t-pain snagged a Grammy nomination, the trio realized that they
are now more than just 3 guys who make you laugh with their spoofs, but they are
considerably looked at as pop stars in our new found generation. Just like pop
icons they face the same issues on their second album, which is creating
something new without it sounding old. With the first track “we’re back”, this
overblown intro illustrated that The lonely Island is up for the challenge by
mentioning their Dicks and Accolades all in one verse.

Throughout the whole album the lonely island make mentions of their
penises and corny jokes way more now than they did in their first album, and for
a group who’s massive success was birthed from the title with word dick in it,
that speaks volume to all the critics, but please don’t take them lightly
because they have more features of superstars than any 2011 album that’s been
released so far. With names such as Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Justin Timberlake and
new single “Jack Sparrow” with “out of retirement” Micheal Bolton the lonely
island are accomplishing their mark in the music industry.

An album of Comedic Raps, celebrity cameos, and cross the line
jokes shouldn’t have much replay value, but Turtleneck & chain can stand on
its own two feet simply because they don’t allow their basic raps to keep your
attention, but their catchy hooks are actually listenable. Keep in mind they
won’t out sing Rihanna in “Shy Ronnie & Clyde” or Create clever wordplay in
“The Creep”, than Nicki Minaj (or offer more visual eye candy as well), but they
are sketch writers and actors not pop stars, so you could cut them some slack.
Overall if you’re looking for a “time Consumer” on any road trip, Turtleneck
& Chain will provide 19 tracks of ice breaking topics you could chuckle with
your friends before reaching your destination.

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