Okkrevil River- I Am Very Far album review

Okkrevil River, the band with the strange name, has produced a pleasing album. I Am Very Far is the album title, as is the distance from which the album commences and terminates. Distance reveals itself to be a very important factor in this musical composition. The distance between the drums with all their reverby ethereal attitude, and the vocals, with all their reverby ethereal attitude, well, it’s hard not to feel very far from anything in the midst of such, reverby ethereal attitude.

Strange though it may seem, the album establishes a familiar pop, western, folky arena. However, that is not to delimit the band of their potential bandwidth, because there are a few moments on the album where I get excited by the experimental fragments of the songwriting and it’s like a lure to which the phrase, “Give credit where credit is due”, takes bait.

On the whole, it does the pop-folk tradition proud. On the upper-half of the whole, it’s a laid back, jammed out, sing-along (with well formed lyrics) in which the band invited all their friends to partake, and therefore, I wouldn’t mind going to see them live. Definitely check out “Lay of the Last Survivor” and “Piratess”.

By David Aragon

David Aragon loves analog synths.

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