The Elected – Bury Me In My Rings album review

Blake Sennett, best known for his contributions as a member of Rilo Kiley, has put forth his respective third album with his side project band The Elected. This is the first album by The Elected in five years, released May 17th and choke full of songs that would make Brian Wilson and his brothers proud. Wilson might have been especially proud to hear “Go For The Throat” and “When I’m Gone,” clear standout tracks from this California vibrations soundscape.

The minute problems lie within the cuteness of tracks like “Jailbird” and “Time Is Coming,” which tend to sound like understandably tossed-out Simon And Garfunkel B-sides with a ukulele tossed in for bad measure. This may just be a personal preference, as I can see many music fans finding every single song very appealing in all their toned-down, near-melodramatic glory. The ukulele does work on most of the songs as a sound that sets Sennett apart from other artists.

The Elected emote sadness, or disparaging ascension very well. Some of the songs with uplifting content lyrically still come off as musically depressing. Sennett’s voice is undoubtedly capable of taking you there, to your latest breakup or deepest desire that you very well know may never come true. This is not though, an entire album of downer-music, and there is no suicide warning label required. Just keep in mind, The Elected will stab you with feelings, it’s just your choice as a listener and human whether or not to let them penetrate you. (See “This Will Be Worth It” for your ultimate test)

Bury Me In My Rings is a great improvement from the previous two albums, replacing the majority of the country-influence also possessed by Rilo Kiley, I might add, for this sad island music. Dropping need for comparisons to Elliot Smith found on the second album, Sun Sun Sun, or the wheatgrass-in-tooth guitars of the debut Me First. Bury Me In My Rings brings you on a venture all its own, one involving Steel Drums, kabobs and the ocean in your ear like the shell you found when you were on a vacation somewhere magical. Bury Me In My Rings is not perfect, but it does more than suffice.

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