The KickDrums – Meet Your Ghost album review

The KickDrums are a pretty modest, two-piece band. If I had to tell you three fun facts about the KickDrums, I would tell you that they are beloved among us lay people for their mixtapes (Coachella mixtape; Ghost mixtape on June 6th). I would tell you that their track “Meet Your Ghost” was featured on an episode of Cougar Town. I would then proceed by telling you to not ask me how I know that.  Thirdly, I would mention that the KickDrums are part time philosophers, with twitter statuses, like “if shit works out its not bc you made the perfect plan its bc it was meant to. at least that’s what i believe”. Deep.

The KickDrums are Empire of the Sun’s children. They are an indie rock band, heavily sprinkled with an electronic sound. If all good things come in threes (like my fun facts, say what), I had three impressions about this album.

At first, I thought this is the perfect companion album. A companion album is a musical buddy. It’s fun and upbeat. It makes you smile. It’s great as a background album because it is not a high maintenance sound, but it’s not the kind of background album that is easily ignored (aka the kind of friend that tags along without an invitation). “Meet Your Ghost”  is the kind of companion you can dance in the car with and do nothing with in your room.

My second impression of the album was the harmony between the rock and electronic influences noticeable on the album and with the KickDrums in general. Heavy drum breaks and classic rock guitar are no Capulet and Montague, but Alex and Matt of the KickDrums are definitely Romeo and Juliet (musically speaking).

But then on the third listen, it feels like an album of heartbreak and disappointment, putting on a good face. With the fun beats and post-punk guitar intros, the lyrics of sad realizations could go unnoticed. Perhaps this isn’t good showmanship but human optimism at it’s best. Like the KickDrums put it on their Twitter.

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