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Jessica 6 – See the Light album review

Brooklyn trio Jessica 6’s newest release, See the Light, shows us an incredibly fresh take on R&B and the very subtle touch a genre can add to a band. The almost hypnotic synth, and the deep soothing voice of the vocalist Ruiz really creates an atmosphere worth experiencing.

The trio started in 2008 during an improvised jam session, and since then has created possibly the most innovative take on R&B I have ever heard. It’s not nearly enough to pigeonhole this group as just an “electronica” act, there are so many interesting sounds to be heard within the creative sounds of See the Light.

This particular record jumps from very moody atmosphere songs like Stars in Your Eyes, weighing in at a hefty 8:41. Where most songs become incredibly repetitive and boring even at half of this length, Stars in Your Eyes creates an incredibly engaging atmosphere. The album contains songs like these, which are very mood setting and relaxing, and other songs like U Motion and Champagne Bubbles/Remember When contain very bouncy, even disco like music. The variety on See the Light is very impressive, something unfamiliar with many R&B artists, and even Electronic ones in general. Jessica 6 are a perfect example of how electronic music can be used as a perfect template to add other genres to.

Overall, I enjoyed See the Light very much. I would easily recommend any of the songs on this record to anyone unfamiliar with this band, as most (if not all) are an amazing look into the style and texture present within See the Light, and Jessica 6 as a whole.

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