Kate Voegele – Gravity Happens album review

Gravity Happens, Even For Kate Voegele

When Kate Voegele sings “I’m in love with what I see” you’ll probably agree with her. The singer and songwriter turned actress takes her talent to a whole new level on Gravity Happens.

The 24-year old brings a sense of maturity that you didn’t get to fully experience with her first album. She has definitely come a long way and the best way to tell is to compare this album with A Fine Mess. Her musicality and skills as a lyricist are undoubtedly more refined; which in turn has secured her a spot on a “must-listen” list, if there ever were one.

What’s most admirable about this artist in particular is her ability to create an album anyone could listen to—it’s not your average break-up/revenge album but it’s not all flowers and sunshine. You get your ups and your downs, and the funny gray area. Voegele’s capability of evoking the myriad of emotions she experiences in her day-to-day life is impressive. A rollercoaster of emotions is typical to any young adult and to possess a musical strength that allows you to do that is vital to an artist’s success. The more real you are to your listeners, the more you are grounded. And, a grounded artist is what we all look for when we want some answers. Funny enough, it makes you think how true her album title really is.

Songs like “Burning the Harbour”, “Enjoy the Ride”, and “All I See” are perfect for proving Vogele’s diversity.

However, if you’re looking to be moved, take a chance on “Gravity Happens” where the words will strike a chord. Or, listen to “Beg You to Fall” where she takes her time revealing emotions, starting off raw and slow, and finishing on an angry/confused and probably frustrated tone of a jilted girlfriend. As she sings: “Down on my knees, ain’t where I need to be…don’t wanna beg you to fall”, you not only get her but you begin to “get” yourself.

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