Bonnaroo Festival – Day Three

Clearly, I am not cut out for this lifestyle. Woke up on Saturday feeling terrible awful. I spent most of the afternoon getting the camp site ready for our departure. When I finally decided to venture back to the festival it was nearly 6:00 pm and Wiz Khalifa was about to start.

The Wiz played on What Stage to a rather large and sprawling crowd. From the side view it looked as if the audience was tightly packed in, but once I got in there some careful navigating brought me to a pretty good view. Khalifa performed with energy and honesty. He seemed refreshingly excited to be playing at Bonnaroo. The Wiz orchestrated a “TGOD” chantĀ (standing forĀ “Taylor Gang Or Die”) to get the fans hyped. After asking if anyone liked Rolling Papers he went into a few tracks off the album including “Roll Up,” “On My Level,” “Get Your Shit,” and the immensely popular “Black and Yellow.”

It started to get dark outside around 8 or 9pm and booming thunder drowned out all sound. Then it began to rain. Because of the dust swirling in the air and the bright lights illuminating the festival, you could see each individual raindrop slanting down to the ground. Fortunately it only lasted for a hot minute. I was having visions of mud people storming the campgrounds.

As much as I wanted to watch Eminem do his angry aging white rapper thing, I skipped it. Sometimes you’ve just got to know your limits. Eleanor and I went to sleep in my car around 10:30pm to rest up for the 15 hour drive in the morning.

So long Bonnaroo!
It was crazy fun and you totally kicked my ass!

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