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The Rosebuds – Loud Planes Fly Low album review

“I want to feel something way out here. I need something to hunt me down even if it fucks me up. Come visit me way out here. I need you to save me even if it makes me worse,” from ‘Come Visit Me’ on The Rosebud’s ‘Loud Planes Fly Low’. This track in particular blatantly portrays those torn feelings one experiences after a break-up; however, this isn’t your average break-up album.

‘Loud Planes Fly Low’ reflects a dismal, bittersweet transitional phase that both Ivan and Kelly are currently enduring. The ex-husband and wife were struggling to establish themselves as plutonic band mates and friends throughout the creation of the album, released June 7th 2011.

Ivan’s hollow, desperate vocals in ‘Without a Focus’ articulate that ‘perspective ceases to exist without a focus,’ and that because he and Kelly ‘overlooked it every day, a thing of beauty just went away’. Broken-hearted Ivan and Kelly fought to replenish the fragments of their plutonic compatibility, truly igniting the chemistry and sorrow-filled spark necessary to complete the album.

‘Woods’, a faster-paced, more instrumentally up-beat song, is meant to uplift and empower. The track hasn’t relinquished that dark component but the element of power has been fused into the lyrics. The combination of the tones generate an indestructible passion and a reluctance to crumble.

The album glistens with authentic pain, strength, vulnerability, and the irreversible, unfathomable hardship that love entails. ‘Worthwhile’ (track 10) reflects this anguish in that during the actual recording of the song, the aforementioned empowered Ivan welled up with tears. You can almost hear it in his voice.

Overall, ‘Loud Planes Fly Low’ is well worth the listen. Break-up songs, tones, and albums have all been done before but Ivan and Kelly managed to create music that was unique in its theme. Their transitional situation itself is distinguishing and fosters hollow, passionate, and tranquil sound. The level of emotion throughout the album is mesmerizing. Using their breath-taking musical compatibility, Ivan and Kelly evoke an astounding level of empathy and relatability.

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