Hospital Ships- Lonely Twin album review

It’s summertime and the living is about to get easier with the quiet porch and soda pop sounds of Hospital Ship’s new album, Lonely Twin. Reminding me of a Death Cab For Cutie mixed with sugary sweetness and heavy electronic tinkering’s, the album is an easy listen for wash-out, indie-pop fans. Their sound is comfy and dream-like, as if you were watching old home-videos through an antique projector.

Lonely Twin begins catchy with “Love or Death” and “Honey Please” but quickly enters a more atmospherical smoothness with “Birds in Furs” and “Galaxies”, laced with the lovely coo’s of the lead vocal. But its not all smiles and sunshine with Hospital Ship. While sounding cheerful the album trends on darker lyrical themes, take one of the album’s best, “Galaxies” and hear references to black balloons, dark caves, and the bottom of the world – fun times.

Towards the end of the album tracks seem to flow on a slower pace and with an increase in low-fi quality sounds. In “Reprise” and “Little Dead Leaf” things are taken to a deeper experimental level with bigger washes and eerie robotic sound effects). The album returns to the soothing vocals that command the whole album in “New Life” that close it with lacy simplicity, a harmonizing piano chorus, and relaxing tech edits.

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