Owl City – All Things Bright and Beautiful album review

You may remember Adam Young, aka Owl City, from his 2009 hit “Fireflies” He has developed a sound that is such a good impression of Postal Service that it’s really hard to drawn the line between the two bands. With that being said, obviously All Things Bright and Beautiful is Synth-Pop from start to finish.  The main thing that sticks out about this album is that everything about these songs is a bit pretentious and predictable.  He’s really trying too hard to seem meaningful, but it just comes off as pompous.

The production is so fine tuned that it really accentuates the fact that this is basically a computer program that Young is running and whining over.  Even if I listen to synth pop, I like it to seem human, this seems so artificial that it’s off putting. The vocals are bratty and after two songs, you really just want him to shut up.  To top it off, the content of the lyrics are so corny and shallow on certain songs I wonder if he’s not singing with tongue in cheek. On “Angels” Young sings:  “Among my frivolous thoughts/I believe there are beautiful things seen by the astronauts”. It’s really deep stuff…if you’re 13. Then there are songs that incorporate what I assume is Young’s personal faith; because on “Galaxies” and “Hospital Flowers” there is very heavy Christian idealism plastered all over the songs.  By the last track you really ask yourself what other stereotypical elements this guy could cram into one album. Then, boom, like clockwork there is a really terrible rapper featured on “Alligator Sky.”

As stated before, sonically this album is basically Postal Service’s bastard step-brother. It’s very melodical and the pop harmonies are there. However there is a few times where I hear some rhythm and lyric cadences that sound a bit like Blink-182. Perhaps it’s just because he sounds really emo, but it is an idea that popped into my head a few times.  Overall, don’t waste your time with this album. It’s junk pop music that has almost no value. Spend the time you would have spent listening to this album sleeping, reading, eating; committing arson, basically anything is better than this album. Now excuse me, I have to go delete Owl City from my computer.

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