Arrange – Plantation album review

Have you ever heard of those people who wake up one day to find out that they’ve lived their entire lives without living? It’s amazing how some people can go about their life without ever really feeling joy, sadness, or pain. In “Plantation” the tracks are so powerfully charged with the subtle graces of adolescent anxiety that I feel them too, so much so that a tear drop fell at the corner of my eye as I listened to the albums single “When’d You Find Me?” which brings be back to all those times of me feeling sorry for myself, wondering about life’s purpose and etc.

Arrange is the music project by South Floridia’s Malcom Lacey. Coming from several previous EP releases since last June, Arrange isn’t coming into the music scene loud or boastful, and while remaining powerful, his sound is subtle, breaking in along a chill-wave, piano feathered shore. Dark in some places but never pitch black, Lacey lets out a good cry instead of a bawl out as he lets out his feelings of pain and loss.

Ah, the battle that is our adolescent ego. By letting us in, Lacey takes the risk that comes with putting out your emotions, naked, for everyone too see, and likewise gain’s much growth and personal insight by letting those emotions ride through him. As the audience we are swept up into our own feelings as we hear our thoughts sung out by the delicate croons of Lacey’s voice.

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