Black Eagle Child – Lobelia album review

Michael Jantz is the everything instrumentalist behind Black Eagle Child.

Listen to Lobelia, Jantz’s most recent album, while going for a long, long walk, perhaps even getting lost. That is how I recommend listening to this album. Although Lobelia could be enjoyed on a long car ride, or perhaps while you’re at home, staring at the ceiling, whatever you’re doing, this is not an album that will become an afterthought as ‘background music.’

Despite its mellow sound, this album is like wandering into a dark little hole, only to realize that this little hole opens up to a gigantic, vibrant room full of wonder! Yes, I know, you haven’t heard that before, but this is true of Lobelia, which by the way, is named after a flower from his youth that his mother used for homeopathic remedies, which definitely lends a nostalgic tone. Particularly for the uninhibitedness of childhood, to the album, especially with the coo’s from his daughter on I Forgot.

The album picks up it’s tempo just a bit on The Quarry Side, but then brings it back down to pace, wrapping up the album with banjo and tambourine in Families Get Together.

I bring up the notion of taking a long walk, with no destination in sight, blazing a trail as you make your way, because that is what this album does aurally. It sounds like he set out starting with the first track: Crandon and made his way eventually to the last track: Families Get Together without ever having it in sight, but rather, feeling it out intuitively, allowing it to happen organically, thus resulting in an effortless soundtrack to an easy-going summer; also great for those pensive moments or perhaps listening while gazing into the sky, maybe even someone else’s eyes, and just being…

Aside from this super cool release, if you visit his site, Mr. Jantz will gladly trade a CD, LP or cassette of your own in exchange for a BEC release. How cool is that?

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