All Time Low – Dirty Work

Ok! Lets start this off with saying that I hadn’t heard of All Time Low at all before this album and I must say I was less than exactly impressed. None of these songs stuck out to me, aside from the second song, which I only remember because they mentioned Ke$ha and getting crunk.

Track 1- Do you want me (dead?)

This track was alright, I felt very Simple Plannish to me but so did the whole album, It seemed pretty short, but was upbeat and pretty exciting . If it’s any consolation to anyone, my mom really liked it.

Track 2 – I Feel Like Dancin’

I hated this song, it sounds like a song Ke&sha rejected and these guys jumped on it like a fat kid on cake. It’s an anthem but I’ve never met a guy a who wanted to go out and go dancin’. They actually said the work crunk. I have a hard time taking these guys seriously by track 2. Again, my mother loved it.

Track 3- Forget about it

Done, forgotten. Actually I kind of liked the space sounding first 7 or so seconds.

Track 4- Guts

Again this song fits in with the rest of the album, but nothing really stands out for me.  Each of there songs make me think of a different band. This made me think of the All American Rejects first album. My mom has officially fallen in love with this band.

Track 5- Time-Bomb

This was nice change of pace, nice to know these guys can do more than fast paced pop rock. I actually kind of liked this song. I really liked the steady beat, and constant drum.  It was a pretty easy song to listen to and It made me want to listen to it again.

Track 6- Just the way I’m not.

This song kicks in with heavy drums, and a bass guitar, and more lyrics that seem to find their audience in a teen audience, and at this point in the album, I’m starting to see what they can do right. It might not be my style, but they cater to their audience and they do it well.  My mother Woah’d with the guys in the second chorus. She liked it.


Track 7- Under a Paper Moon

I kind of liked this song, It felt like the most original piece on the album, the quick paced lyrics, and instrumental work was actually very well done, clean and put together.

Track 8- Return the Favor

I was so excited when this song started, maybe an emotional song with a slower pace, something different, showing range and variety in their musical ability. The song flip flops between something that I would like to hear, and everything else I’ve heard on this album. It got very frustrating. My mom surprisingly didn’t like this one. She also made the comment, this whole album has pretty much been love songs.

Track 9- No Idea

This is exactly what I wanted from the 8th track on the album, something different and wholly pretty original, I was surprisingly impressed, it had a smoother and not quite as harsh sound, this is easily my favorite song on the Album.

Track 10- A Daydream Away

Again another slower song that really shows off the bands ability to be more than just another pop rock band. I kinda liked how this song sounded, but another love song, you can’t win them all.

Track 11- That Girl

Not quite as fast as the rest of their songs, but not as heartfelt sounding as the last two. It’s kind of a weird song, in the way it’s sung, but they’re talking about That Girl and that she’s such a bitch. I dunno. I have a hard time taking their lyrics seriously but I liked how the song sounded. My mom liked this one too.

Track 12- Heroes

And they finished it with a song that I easily could have mistaken for any of the 6 songs they had at the beginning of the album. Fast drums, and harsh guitar. It’s catchy though. My mom made me play it twice.


So there you go guys, overall I didn’t hate it, I had a hard time enjoying myself listening to this, but I can definitely understand who their demographic is, and they obviously cater to it. Overall I’d have to give it a 5.5 out of 1o. It may not exactly be my style of music, but I caught myself singing along once or twice.

Cheers. !

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