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Foster The People – Live Show Review

Foster The People – Show Review: June 17, 2011, Le Nationale, Montreal, QC

Friday, June 17, an eventful day to say the least! With an interview and review scheduled I sat at a coffee shop in front of the venue. I made sure to get there at least a half hour in advance – in case of any problems… I got up and headed to venue in advance. Door was locked – weird…

I discovered that the Foster The People’s show had been switched locations last minute from Club Lambi to Le Nationale.

With our scheduled interview in 15 minutes, I bolted down the street to the nearest taxi. Knowing that Sainte-Catherine’s, the street on which Le Nationale was on, was blocked off, I knew there was a slim chance that I would make it on time. With an awesome taxi driver and a jog down to the venue, I ended up making it on time.

There was not enough time for nerves to set in as I conducted the interview with one of the hottest indie bands out there. You can read the interview here.

Playing to a sold out crowd, not to mention a handful of sold out subsequent crowds – the venue filled up posthaste. The remarkable venue sparkled with character alongside ruby backdrops and lavish gold moldings with Mark Foster interjecting “this is a really cool place” between songs.

Foster The People’s sold out tour would be celebrating their debut release, “Torches.” Sharing the stage were Gardens & Villa. Foster The People’s stage started to fill up with not three, not four, but five keyboards and an extra stand-up drum. I could tell this would be a show executed with energy, leaving the crowd with impeccable power anthems to sing and dance along to.

A calming synth was broken by the cheers and screams from the crowd as, Foster The People, along with their two live musicians, Sean Cimino and Ison Innis, ran onto the stage to greet fervent fans. That same synth was broken yet again by Mark Foster’s hammer of electric drums as the bass crept in to introduce “Warrant”. The perfect track to rev up the best crowd I’ve seen in a long time. I wasn’t the only one, “This is the first time we’ve been to Montreal – you guys are awesome!” Without fail the crowd knew the words and how to groove to every song – start to finish.

If there is one thing that stood out from Foster The People’s performance it was the energy that they execute each song with – the ability to captivate the attention of every one in the crowd and use it to power their songs.

The verve was not lost on the power synth-pop “Miss You”, cooling off the crowd from their energetic opener. Almost forthwith Foster The People switched into the fan favourite “Houdini”. The crowd erupting into dance at the almost too familiar drum beat opener breaking into “Houdini”.

Foster The People’s relentless vibrancy continued into the sublimely uplifting “Waste” in which Mark Foster’s characteristic vocals were verging on being masked by the singing of vehement fans.

The impeccable lightshow paired with their host of equipment gave way to an unforgettable performance of another fan favourite “Call It What You Want”. The crowd couldn’t help but shout in unison the declarative chorus. Playing their debut album in its entirety, “Life On The Nickel” marked the half way mark – a show gone by too fast.

But it was obvious what everyone was waiting for – the infectious smash hit “Pumped Up Kicks.” As I looked around the crowd it seemed that every body was moving. Everyone was in their own world under the influence of the contagious track. While Mark Foster sported his characteristic shoulder roll dance he handed over the microphone over to the crowd to finish off the popular chorus.

Foster The People finished their performance with the irresistible “Colour On The Walls (Don’t Stop)”. Throwing his all into the last song, his strained vocals were evidence to Foster The People’s dedication to an energy-charged live performance.

The encore showcased the romance that exists between the band and their fan base. The Los Angeles natives knew too well that the fans were waiting for the first track off their debut release. With a little wave the band came back on stage with “Helena Beat” to finish off a powerful set – leaving the fans in awe and begging for more.

These dynamic musicians shared the stage, adeptly shared their instruments, and shared their fans energy to fuel their phenomenal performance, ultimately taking you on a ride you’ll never forget.

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