Rival Sons – Pressure and Time album review

Rival Sons released their newest album titled Pressure and Time on Earache Records. This sophomore effort hit the shelves on June 20, 2011 and has gained the band a reputation for contemporary hard rock done right. Vocalist Jay Buchanan with Scott Holiday on guitar, Robin Everhart playing bass, and drummer Michael Miley have created a short (merely half an hour) record that delivers a strong impression. With their heavy classic rock influence, Rival Sons’ bluesy sound can be compared to a not bad imitation of Led Zeppelin or The Doors. This southern Californian band came together with major swagger in the summer of 2008.

Pressure and Time opens with “All Over the Road” which features raucous guitar licks that feel like a rip straight from a 70’s rock jam. Third on the record is the title track “Pressure and Time.” It is full of crashing drums and fuzzed out guitars.

The album really starts going by the sixth track called “Burn Down Los Angeles.” And who wouldn’t want to burn that mother down? The song is built around a catchy riot inciting chorus and verses commiserating the lives of citizens of the city who are not making it big. Track nine, “White Noise,” has such a vintage appeal that it’s almost a bit strange to hear Buchanan sing “when my cell phone ring.”

Finally the last track “Face of Light” is the most stripped down on the album. The lyrics include depressing highlights “look at my eyes, don’t even know who I am.” It sounds like a sweet little rock ballad until the very end when it revs back up into high gear to send the record out properly.

Throughout the month of July, Rival Sons will be touring with Judas Priest and Queensryche in the UK and will also be making a few festival appearances as well.

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