Sons and Daughters – Mirror, Mirror album review

Sons and daughters are at it again with their latest release Mirror, Mirror. The album seems to be the reflection of a group trying to re-establish their credibility with fans. After their last effort was met with mixed reactions, the crew from Glasgow decided to return to a minimalist approach for Mirror, Mirror. The result is a collection of dark, grungy tracks that stand in stark contrast to the more upbeat sounds of “This Gift”.

While Mirror, Mirror is unique if nothing else, it seems to lack balance. The yin is missing it’s yang. The album starts off on a dark, ominous tone with “Silver Spell”. This more or less becomes the reoccurring theme throughout. There are no songs of hope or brighter tomorrows here. Only darkness and a feeling of despair (“Axed Actor” revolves around the Black Dahlia murder for crying out loud!).

With that much said, here is the main problem: I can’t stop listening to it! There is something hypnotic about Mirror, Mirror. It pulls you in against your will. You sort of feel like a kid at the amusement park who’s hesitant to get on a rollercoaster. The you ride it and have the time of your life. But, what is it that makes the album grow on you? Adele’s haunting vocals? Scott’s defiant guitar riffs? Maybe the way David attacks the snare drum? Who can say.

Sons and Daughters take you on a mind-bending journey throughout Mirror, Mirror. Each song is such an inexplicable experience, you feel compelled to listen to the next one. About half-way through the album, you realize that you’ve been taken hostage by something you can’t even define. You become mesmerized by the gritty production and unusual lyrics. The group uses songs like “Don’t Look Now” to attract you into their dark world. By the time you get to “Bee Song” you’ve come to love what you initially resisted. In the end, Sons and Daughters end up winning you over with Mirror, Mirror. You don’t see it coming until it’s too late. So, kick and scream all you want. Resistance is futile…

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