Give It A Listen: Vetiver: The Errant Charm

The San Francisco band plays it cool with their somber and melodic charm on this new album. Their last album, Tight Knit, was released in 2009, shows a different side to Vetiver. This album hit the stores on June 14th, and is worth a listen. The deep and soothing folkie tunes pay homage to Tom Petty’s, “You don’t know how it feels” on the first song on the album, “It’s beyond me.” With hints of an Oasis sound, this band gives us that indie, mellow guitar groove that has been misplaced in the rock business over the years, but is slowly making a comeback!

The second song on the album, which was a personal favorite, “Worse for Wear,” shows the lyrics of love and needing from that special someone in lead singer, Andy Cabic’s life. He needs that person to be there for him and guide him. The lyrics bring forth those feelings of love and happiness, but also a part of him that is missing and needs to be fulfilled.

A few of the songs on this album were sleepy and slow in parts, and for those that enjoy the more emotional, somber tunes, this will be the perfect album for you to pick up. However, for those of you who are more into the indie- pop scene, maybe skip this one. There is only a tiny bit of pop, but definitely a whole lot of indie.

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