Matt Nathanson – Modern Love album review

Brewing new beginnings: Matt Nathanson, “Modern Love”

Following a successful, career-defining release with “Some Mad Hope”(2007), San Francisco-based Matt Nathanson is back with new confidence and his ninth album “Modern Love”. “Modern Love,” produced and co-created by long time creative partner Mark Weinberg, is a blend of pop, rock, poetry, and honesty, exploring the synthetic, the organic, life, and love. It is an exploration of compliment and contrast, from musings in Australia (“Love Comes Tumbling Down”), to the technology and traditions of Japan (Room at the End of the World), and for Matt, it’s the album that finally “feels natural.” Chronicling the various stages of love while exploring his own creative process, Nathanson integrates the joy of the new, and the nostalgia of longing, as he addresses questions of love and relationship in an age of technology. Lyrical, vulnerable, joyful, and honest, “Modern Love” was recorded in a garage in Los Angeles, and would fare well as a tasty pool-side companion this summer.

Taking creative cues from artists like Def Leopard, U2, Tears for Fears, and INXS, while straddling adult contemporary and folk, Nathanson and Weinber create a fun, feel-good collection of pop-rock with singable melodies, catchy riffs, and Nathanson’s engaging vocals. The album is relatable from start to finish with it’s palatable lyrics and harmonies, and despite the full instrumentation, there is a simple honesty that comes from a songwriter armed with a voice and a guitar. From the smile-inducing “Faster,” to the delicate nostaligia of “Kiss Quick,” the rock and roll of “Queen of (K)nots,” and the sensual “Run,” “Modern Love” puts Nathanson at home as a songwriter, as he combines his traditional compositional methods with new ventures, ideas and collaborations.

If you are into singer/songwriters, romance, summer, sweet vocal melodies, and tunes for the heart, you can catch Matt on tour this summer with Maroon 5 and Train, or check him out online and grab a copy of “Modern Love” at

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