Digitalism – I love You, Dude album review

Digitalism brings a new sound to garage-electronica with I Love You, Dude

Dance-punk duo Digitalism has churned out another infectiously appealing album with I Love You, Dude. Jens Moelle and Ismail Tüfekçi, the brains behind Digitalism, met in a record store in Hamburg back in 2004. They developed their sound in the hotbed of electronic music, Germany. The duo continues to record in an old World War II bunker in the area. Their eclectic style has a strong European influence, which has caught the attention of major music festivals and DJs alike. This summer, they’ll be touring the United States and Europe.

I Love You, Dude is the group’s fresh sophomore project. Even though it’s been four years since their last studio-recorded release, Digitalism has pumped out several singles and remixes. The result of their creative process is an evolved style, one that keeps the dance floor in mind while still offering tracks for casual listeners. Their new album is both accessible and innovative, a refreshing listen for any fan of electronic or dance music.

In addition to their original releases, Digitalism has remixed songs from industry giants like Daft Punk and The White Stripes. Their experience with those groups contributes to their style: just one listen evokes references to Depeche Mode and Daft Punk, with tracks heavy on the distortion mic and club-thumping beats.

I Love You, Dude has driving, distorted bass lines peppered with catchy samples and lyrics. Synth takes the spotlight, complemented by changing vocals and keys. The tracks reveal layer upon layer of sound, and it is this painstaking artistry that makes I Love You, Dude a hit. It’s the kind of album that will become a staple in your collection for its versatility and complexity. In the words of their track, “Circles,” you’ll want to “play it again, and again and again.”

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