Jill Scott – The Light of the Sun album review

The ever popular Jill Scott’s musical style can be best summed up in two words: soulful and honest. She’s managed to become a household name off the strength of three critically acclaimed albums (Words and Sounds vol.’s 1,2, and 3). She won the hearts of fans and critics alike with realism (“Gettin’ in the Way”), romanticism (“A Long Walk”), and even optimism (“Golden”). After several Grammy nominations, a NY Times best-selling book, and well received performances in film, her star power is undeniable. Now, Philly’s own neo-soul sensation returns with her latest album The Light of the Sun.

Jill’s new album offers her diehard fans much of what they have come to expect from her. The Light of the Sun, like her previous albums, is full of mellowed out soulfulness. The Queen of smooth grooves doesn’t disappoint with cuts like “Making You Wait”, “Missing You”, and “When I Wake Up”. Jill’s songs play out like pages from her diary. The album reflects the emotional state of a woman whose been loved and rejected as well. Both the good (“So In Love”) and the bad (“All Cried Out”) aspects of relationships are included on The Light of the Sun. You come to appreciate how willing she is to share some of her most vulnerable moments. Ms. Scott’s music feels so real because it is.

While The Light of the Sun does warm the soul, it’s not exactly Jill’s best work. There are a few missteps on the album. The song “Shame”, while upbeat and fun in nature, is a track you may find yourself skipping. Then there is “So Gone” featuring rapper Paul Wall. Jill Scott and Paul Wall? It’s as much of a mismatch as it sounds. The song is actually good until Paul Wall’s elementary lyrics corrupt it. It’s like eating a delicious sandwich and finding a long, curly hair in the last bite. Those minor incidents aside, Jill Scott has managed to create a solid effort. Whether or not it will garner more Grammy nominations remains to be seen. But, fans of her previous albums should be satisfied with The Light of the Sun. Jill is strong, beautiful, sensitive, intelligent, and passionate all at once. What a woman.

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