Kate Simko – Lights Out album review

Kate Simko releases Lights Out but clearly shines through with new and edgy music.

Simko, who is no stranger to the role of DJ at clubs, showcases a different side of her music on Lights Out. Alongside Jeffrey Weeter, she produces music with a lot of diversity and never-ending beats.

Lights Out’s best tracks are by far “Cairo” and “Bikini Atoll”. They weave in a multitude of sounds and pulses, “Cairo” especially brings you into a whole new spectrum of music, one centered on personal expression and self-discovery.

What Simko does best here is definitely her use of percussion, which you can easily find on “Beneath”.

Lights Out plays up the idea of “crossover music” as I would call it. You have a wide variety of venues in which Simko’s music appeals to—whether it be in your car with your speakers almost bleeding, or while you are home, cooking or hosting. They don’t necessarily fit into a mould or genre. That aspect alone makes enough of a case that Simko’s musical talent is unique and highly impressive.

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