Matt Nathanson – Modern Love album review

Matt Nathanson uses our ears to complete his masterpiece, “Modern Love”.

Singing shalala-la.

That’s what I did. Too bad that’s a bit from the track “Come On, Get Higher” from a different Matt Nathanson’s album titled “Some Mad Hope” and the urge to be singing said shalala-la came following the first listen of Nathanson’s latest album, “Modern Love.”

Ooops. But it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing that hearing the “Modern Love” album caused me to sing one of my favorite Matt Nathanson songs. It means that he’s stayed true to that same guitar lullaby feeling that is oh, so addictive.
“Drop to Hold You” entices you to just listen to the track repeatedly, getting drunk off of Nathanson’s voice and his storytelling, embracing the excitement of meeting someone who makes the world seem warmer, entwining with that person, and the pain and sacrifice that follows when it comes undone.

“Modern Love”  listens like a long a poem.

Nathanson has that paintbrush voice and his lyrics contribute to the watercolor music that is vivid, poetic and romantic. “Love Comes Tumbling Down” is genius. Your imagination runs wild with the chorus:  “I can’t wait to be “[spun] around through the roar of [a] crowd” someday.

But, for now, the images will spin in my head while I’m at work listening to the album  wishing love really could be more like… “Modern Love,” because there, even the pain is beautiful and you want to hit replay to listen to the stories over and over again.

Nathanson doesn’t weigh the tracks down with one particular emotion, he gives the tracks room to breathe and intermix and that is more than a good thing. The songs are easy and  fun, too. “Kiss Quick,” was written for a lot of us. “Kiss quick, I’ve got a line out the door, who all think they can save me. One by one they lay the world at my feet, one by one they drive me crazy.”
If you’re laying with the one you love, then “Modern Love” is the CD to have on in the background and not because of the album name. It might even spark a little something, if you’re listening to “Run”… I’m just saying.

By Septembre Russell

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